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The Tawnbarr front has been developed from a judicious use of both Brobar and Aricon bloodlines over very many years and, of course, correct feeding and rearing.

Many breeders will not allow their bull terriers to be photographed "front on" because it immediately shows up any faulty construction of the forehand and, therefore also the shoulders.

At Tawnbarr, we are proud to show off our "Front Line"

Am Ch Bulivar Starbuck Tawnbarr
Tawnbarr Hot Pursuit
Tawnbarr Hot Spot
Teregrams Take That Tawnbarr
Tawnbarr Brindle Ideal
Tawnbarr The Equaliser
Tawnbarr Battlestar
Tawnbarr Star Chaser
Tawnbarr Starshine
Ch Tawnbarr Starlight
Ch Gorbain Hellraiser Tawnbarr
Ch Gorbain Ice Maiden Tawnbarr